Expedition Recap

Wright Peak

Lake Placid Adventure

The steep ascent nearing the summit of Wright Peak challenged our physical and mental states.

We arrived in Lake Placid on Friday afternoon to a chilly but clear sky. Our little home for the weekend was friendly and inviting and we immediately became acquainted with a nice warm meal in the kitchen and some friendly conversation. Although our morning wasn’t arriving too early, we knew a good nights’ rest would get us through the hard work and the unknown that lay ahead the next day. Up before the sun, the girls woke up to a simple breakfast and packed their lunches. We were off for our Wright Peak. Thankfully, the cold front that had been plaguing the area for the last few days had shifted and we were expecting above zero temperatures for the day. Ultimately, this meant a lot of outfit changes throughout the day as we adjusted to warming temperatures and physical exertion. The snow was 15-20 inches deep for most of the trail and gradually became deeper as we approached the summit. We all chose to keep our snowshoes strapped to our packs and used our microspikes, as the trail was thankfully well-beaten and easy enough to navigate.

Half of our group were completely new to mountain trekking and were challenged by the steep ascent of Wright Peak. The surplus of snow and a few icy patches made this hike a difficult journey, and we all were thankful the trail was not quite 8 miles in length, overall. After a trying and long ascent to the summit, we managed to descend the mountain in two and a half hours and had some great laughs along the way. Ultimately, I am super proud of these women for accomplishing such a difficult task. A person’s ability to put one foot in front of the other for hours on end, while battling physical discomfort (and sometimes pain) and mental demons (how many times do we try to quit?) is my absolute favourite part of guiding these hikes. The weekend has only just ended and I am already excited for the next one.

Great effort, ladies!

Jessica was summiting her very first mountain this weekend. The look on her face says it all. Well done, my friend!

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