Meet Your Expedition Leaders!

Katahdin selfie

Hey! I’m Jenna. I’m the one running most of the expeditions and the founder of The Little Expedition Co. I’ve been basically obsessed with outdoor adventures since I was introduced to camping and hiking as a small child. To me, there’s nothing better than spending a full day challenging my mind and body on a vigorous hike. This is a picture of me summiting Mt. Katahdin in Maine this past month, in my absolute glory.

Alongside hiking and camping I love winter sports like snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. I’ve rock-climbed in Ontario, B.C. and Yosemite, California. Although I have a small fear of climbing, I try to conquer that fear whenever I have the opportunity. I love bringing friends along with me when I hike, and I’m usually the one coming up with the travel plans because I just love exploring!

Additionally, I have a passion for learning about history and other cultures, past and present. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology and my favourite conversations involve talk of ancient cultures and Canadian history. In the future, I plan on bridging these two passions of mine and leading international treks in the UK and South America.

Welcome to your new adventure! I can’t wait to explore with you.

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